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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology




1st Supervisor

2nd Supervisor

Ernestine Hui

Graphene-based brain on a chip platform for the study of neurodegeneration

Dr Gabriele Kaminski Schierle -

Antonio Lombardo

Ismail Sami

Biomimetic Electrochemical Actuators Using 2D Materials

Dr Adrian Fisher,

Dr Michael De Volder,

Prof Manish Chhowalla,

Cassius Clark

Element-Doped Graphene; From Black Art to Energy Storage Materials

Prof. Dominic S. Wright -

Prof. C. P. Grey -

Hugh Ramsden

Strain Engineering of Interfaces in 2D Lateral Heterostructures

Professor Manish Chhowalla -

Andrea Ferrari

Regana Vasanthanayagam

Integrating graphene into concrete and ceramic tiles for smart cities

Dr Ronan Daly;

 Prof. Abir Al-Tabbaa -

Dr Stephen Hodge -

Michael Pitts

Quantum phononics with 2D materials

Dr Dhiren Kara (Physics) -

Prof Ferrari

Youcheng Zhang

Charge transport in 2D hybrid perovskite semiconductors

Prof. Henning Sirringhaus -

Dr. Sam Stranks -

Nathaniel Tye

Analog-Domain Machine Learning Computations Exploiting 2D Materials Properties

Dr Phillip Stanley-Marbell -

Stephan Hofmann -

Joe Lacey

Enhanced single molecule detection with integrated 2D materials

Prof. Tuomas Knowles -

Prof. Stephan Hofmann -