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Short Projects

2018/2019 Cohort - Short Projects II

Joe Lacey            

2D material integration into fluid manipulation devices, with the view to enhancing single molecule detection

1st supervisor: Prof Tuomas Knowles; 2nd supervisor: Prof Stephan Hofmann


Hugh Ramsed   

Charge transport in 2D hybrid perovskite semiconductors     

1st supervisor: Prof Henning Sirringhaus; 2nd supervisor Dr Sam Stranks


Regana Vasanthanayagam          

Studying cell membranes by microwave propagation in graphene     

1st supervisor: Dr Antonio Lombardo; 2nd supervisor: Dr Roisin Owens


Ernestine Hui   

Brain of chip platform for the study of neurodegeneration using graphene electrodes

1st supervisor: Dr Gabriele Kaminski; 2nd supervisor: Dr Antonio Lombardo


Cassius Clark     

Graphene/Silicon composite Thin-film Anodes for High capacity Lithium ion Batteries                

1st supervisor: Prof Clare Grey; 2nd supervisor: Dr Sai Shivareddy


Youcheng Zhang              

2D layered organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite electrodes for Li-ion batteries

1st supervisor Dr. Michael De Volder; 2nd supervisor: Prof. Clare Grey


Michael Pitts    

Systematic studies on the electrochemical delamination of chemical vapor deposited graphene

1st supervisor: Prof Jong Min Kim; 2nd supervisor: Prof Andrea Ferrari;


Nathaniel Tye   

Deterministic transfer and Raman\PL characterization of CVD TMD monolayers            

1st Supervisor: Prof Andrea Ferrari; 2nd supervisor: Prof. Mete Atature


Ismail Sami        

YBCO - Hall effect in high-temperature superconductors        

1st supervisor: Dr Suchitra Sebastian; 2nd supervisor: Prof Gilbert Lonzarich


2018/2019 Cohort - Short Projects II

Ernestine Hui   

Conformal Printing of multi-layered devices onto arbitrary 3D substrates

1st supervisor: Dr Tawfique Hasan; 2nd supervisor: Mr Chris Jones


Ismail Sami        

Bionic Graphene - Dr Silvia Vignolini

1st supervisor: Dr Silvia Vignolini; 2nd supervisor: Dr Chris Howe


Cassius Clark     

Graphene Insulator Metal Diodes for RF Energy Harvesting

1st supervisor: Antonio Lombardo; 2nd supervisor: Dr Michael Crisp


Hugh Ramsden

hBN for Scalable Quantum Photonic Devices

1st supervisor: Prof. Mete Atatüre; 2nd supervisor: Dr Rachel Oliver


Regana Vasanthanayagam          

Screen-printed graphene ink as the conductive opaque electrode for perovskite solar cells

1st supervisor: Prof. Andrea Ferrari; 2nd supervisor: Mr Siva Bohm


Michael Pitts    

Coupling phonons, spins and photons in 2D materials

1st Supervisor: Dr Alejandro Rodriguez-Pardo Montblanch; 2nd supervisor: Dr Dhiren Kara


Youcheng Zhang              

Graphene modification of ferromagnetic electrodes for spin injection into organic semiconductors investigated using spin pumping

1st supervisor: Prof Henning Sirringhaus; 2nd supervisor: Prof Stephan Hofmann


Nathaniel Tye   

 Photoluminescence from Transverse Excitons in 2d Perovskites

1st supervisor: Dr Felix Deschler; 2nd supervisor: Dr Giancarlo Soavi


Joe Lacey            

Optimization of hybrid graphene/metal oxide nanoparticle electrodes for battery

1st supervisor: Prof Andrea Ferrari; 2nd supervisor: Dr Roberto Clemente