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Ismail Sami

Ismail Sami

E-mail: is448<at>
Address: Cambridge Graphene Centre, Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge, 9, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0FA
Office no.: 185 Desk G5,
Telephone: +44 -1223 - 762386
Fax: +44 - 1223 - 748348

Ismail Sami is a research student working on the PHD project: Biomimetic Electrochemical Actuators Using 2D Materials.

His main supervisor is Dr Adrian Fisher and his second supervisors are Dr Michael De Volder and Prof Manish Chhowalla.

Nature is replete with examples of smart composite materials which combine stimuli response materials with anisotropic fibrous scaffolds to create complex controlled motions such as the opening of pine cones and the orientation of sunflowers towards the sun. The development of new techniques that allow us to assemble 2D materials in a controlled fashion offer new opportunities to create active devices and adaptive surfaces that emulate these natural systems. Here in particular, Ismail aims at coupling graphene/CNT scaffolds to 2D Li-Ion battery anode materials which swell upon lithiation (e.g. MoS2). In this design, graphene flakes or CNTs form an anisotropic and electrically conductive network to direct the motion of the anode swelling, from optimised computational structure designs. By performing material analysis using impedance and FFT, Ismail aims at developing actuators which can deliver both high forces and complex displacements, and are able to store electrochemical energy to deliver mechanical work.

Ismail is part of the Engineering department and is currently based in the Cambridge Graphene Centre, in the Electrical Engineering Division. His is a member of Hughes Hall College.