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Angus Mathieson

Angus Mathieson

E-mail: agmm2<at>
Address: Cambridge Graphene Centre, Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge, 9, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0FA

Angus Mathieson is a research student working towards a PhD in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology.

Hid PhD project title is: "2D hybrid metal-halide perovskite photo-batteries". Angus is working between the Cavendish Laboratories (Physics) and Institute for Manufacturing (Engineering) on the development and study of photon enhanced electrochemical devices. He primarily focuses on the stabilisation and use of hybrid perovskite materials in lithium-ion storage devices that maintain their photovoltaic properties whilst undergoing electrochemical cycling. The result is a single device capable of both harvesting light energy, using the perovskite’s photovoltaic properties, whilst simultaneously storing it electrochemically.

His main supervisor is Prof Michael de Volder and his second supervisor is Dr Felix Deschler.

Angus is part of the Engineering department and is currently based in the Cambridge Graphene Centre, in the Electrical Engineering Division. He is a member of Wolfson College.