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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology

Presentation Prize for Tian Carey

CDT student Tian Carey was awarded a prize for his presentation given at the annual IOP Printing and Graphic Science Group Student Conference.

Carey's presentation won second prize at the one-day event Printing for the Future, held at the Institute for Manufacturing, at the University of Cambridge on 12 January 2017. The Printing and Graphics Science Group of the Institute of Physics brings together scientists working in a range of printing applications, including flexible electronics and smart lighting and display technologies. The Printing for the Future event gave students the opportunity to present their work to researchers in industry and academia. 

Carey's award-winning 10 minute presentation, entitled "Spray coating of thin films on 3 dimensional surfaces for a graphene-based capacitive touch device," presented some of his work towards his PhD thesis. 

More information on the prize and the IOP Printing and Graphics Science Group can be found here.

Tian Prize photo