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CGC Class 100 Cleanroom

Below, you can find the list of equipment available in Class 100 Cleanroom. A few are already available for use, others are being installed and will become available later.

Please use the booking system to use the equipment.


Electron-Beam Lithography (Royce EBL Suite)

Model: EBPG 5200, Raith GMBH

(will be available in December 2017)

A state-of-the-art high-resolution/throughput Electron-Beam Lithography system capable of exposing 8-inch waters.

Laser Writer

Model: LW-405B+, Microtech Srl

Available for use.

Used for the direct-write contactless optical lithography. Available wavelengths: 385 and 405nm. Best resolution (linewidth) is 0.6micron.


Model: Obducat Eitre 6 with UV curing option.

Will be available in August 2017.


The tool is used for high resolution nanoimprinting. 

Resist Preparation wetbench

The wetbench is equipped with three spinners and four precision hotplates from EMS.

Available for use.


Processes available:

- SU-8 negative photo-resists

- AZ/LOR positive and negative photo-resists

- PMMA/ZEP e-beam resists

Development and Cleaning wetbench

This wetbench is used for preparation of samples for lithography, as well post-processing (development, etc.)

Available for use.

HF Acid bench

Triple Furnace

The tool is used for deep oxidation of Si

Will be available for use in September 2017.


When in the Cleanroom, please follow the local rules.